Dazzling Derawan (3): Sunset & Sunrise

There’s never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same.” – Carlos Santana

Sunset and sunrise have always been among us human beings. Millions of years have passed since the early hominids, our great-great ancestors, were using their brain to acknowledge the beauty of mother nature rather than humping each other for pleasure, yet human beings still fascinated by the simple work of nature so majestic that we probably can’t get enough sunset and sunrise in all of our dear mortal life. Maybe it was because in the millions of years, there wasn’t the same sunrise and sunset, like my dear friend Carlos said. There wasn’t, there isn’t, and there won’t be.

I loved every sunset and sunrise I’ve experienced, but Derawan was special. It wasn’t every day I could enjoy the beginning and end of a day in a cute little island far away from the polluted, noisy city. With sand on my toes, the soft wind on my face, I watch the colorful skies radiated miles miles away in awe. Mother nature never ceased to amaze me. Never.

The Calm Sunset

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