Horizon 202 Panoramic Adventure: Lake Gunung Tujuh

Lake Gunung Tujuh, which is part of Kerinci Seblat National Park in Jambi, is the highest volcanic lake in South East Asia. With its unique status, it’s really odd that Lake Gunung Tujuh isn’t as popular as the famous Ranu Kumbolo– which has made an appearance in Indonesia’s major motion picture– in East Java, or Segara Anak in Lombok Island.

Lake Gunung Tujuh was the final destination for my Horizon 202 debut. Climbing the lake wasn’t an easy task. Although the track was wide and clear, most of it was ascending path. I spent the first 3 hours climbing up without long flat track. It wasn’t as difficult as climbing Mount Goh Leumo, but sure it was the most exhausting one. The only descending path was the last 300 meters track to the lake. It was a challenging mission for me, a skinny guy with a 7 kg backpack and one shoulder bag filled with 2 kg mechanical cameras.

Tired and exhausted after 3.5 hours trekking, finally…..I reached this highest volcanic lake in South East Asia. The view was impeccable, the cloud was hanging low and light rain began to pour down the lake. A gloomy rainy afternoon made the surrounding atmosphere mystical.

Without hesitation, I took some pictures around the lake because it’d be dark soon. After one hour of picture-taking, the lake’s beauty still amazed me. Then I reminded myself that if I didn’t control my desire to take photographs of this pretty lake, I’d be ran out of film rolls by the end of the day.

Heavenly Morning

Enjoying sunrise at Lake Gunung Tujuh was a remarkable experience. I drowned in tranquility, all my senses were filled with serenity. I felt every centimeter of my body relaxed as I watched my surroundings. So peaceful, so calm, so beautiful.


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