Back to Biak (2): Island of Cross

Biak, just like any other region in Papua, has more Christians among its population than any other religions. Most of them are very religious and churches are almost as many as mosques in Java. So, the appearance of the Christian’s holy symbol is very common in Biak. Cross is everywhere: House ornaments, doors, shops, souvenirs, signages, townsmen’s tattoo, and ….churches (of course!).

As a moslem in Biak, I was a minority. My family lived in harmony beside a Pentakosta family for more than 20 years. The vibe of tolerance was  perfectly desribed in the situation I was familiar of: In Friday, Baiturrahman, the biggest mosque in Biak, cited Quran verses with loudspeakers before Friday prayer, meanwhile in Sunday I could hear Church’s bell rang several times before the mass. There was no majority-minority bullcrap. In the good ol’ time, respect and tolerance were highly embraced. It was a great living.


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